Have you ever met a regular contributor to NPR's Live From Here and the  news quiz Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, and a producer and host of Food Network's Baked? I have...

Tom Papa is back doing what he does best, stand up comedy. His latest special, You're Doing Great! premiered on Netflix last month to critical acclaim. In You're Doing Great!, Tom wants to remind you that even though your life isn't perfect, you're doing ok. Lif has it's ups and downs, but that shouldn't get YOU down. Stop and smell the roses, and hopefully you'll come out the other end with some funny stories to tell. Tom's stories include family, work, and living in New Jersey. Papa's delivery keeps you rapt. Tom Papa will join the Rocker Morning Show just after 7:00, Thursday, March 5th to talk about his latest special and what's next for this multifaceted entertainer.

Bonus Video: Tom Papa | You're Doing Great | Netflix Stand-Up Comedy Special Trailer

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