Recently Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain checked in with Tommy about the  pandemic, how he joined the band, the new album and future plans for Maiden.

Iron Maiden's brand new album Senjutsu arrived on Friday, September 3, in stores and at your favorite download locations.

So far Iron Maiden has released two songs from Senjutsu. The first being "The Writing On The Wall" and the second being "Stratego."

Nicko McBrain born Michael Henry McBrain, June 5, 1952. Has been the drummer for Iron Maiden since 1982 after replacing drummer Cliff Burr.

McBrain began playing drums as a child using kitchen utensil's and pots and pans from his mother's kitchen. Nicko was around 12-years-old when his father bought him his first drum kit.

What is crazy is how fast McBrain took to learning drumming because he was playing pubs by age 14.

After attending college at Southgate Technical College, McBrain did session work to pay rent.

Like most musicians, McBrain paid his due's in pubs and clubs until finally getting a gig with artist Gordon Giltrap. This would be the first recording that McBrain performed on. This wound up leading to more bands like Streetwalker, Pat Traverse Band and eventually Trust.

Nicko's first album with Iron Maiden was 1983s Piece of Mind. He has played on every Iron Maiden album since.

McBrain is one of the few metal drummers that only uses one kick drum pedal. If you have been to a metal show, its almost mandatory that all metal drummers play with the double kick drum pedal but Nicko has managed to be one of metals most influential drummers only using one kick drum pedal.

Tommy had a great conversation with Nicko McBrain and here it is from front to back.

Here is the video for Iron Maidens "The Writing on the Wall." This video has a very cool story line.

Here is the second single from Iron Maidens Senjutsu album called "Stratego."

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