Korn was the headliner of Friday night at the Upheaval Festival that was at Belknap Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and I was able to have a conversation with Head from the band.

Korn was my last arena show before the pandemic with they performed at Van Andel Arena with Breaking Benjamin back in February of 2020. There was a point last year that I thought, that might be my last arena show ever. If it was, well it was with one of my all time favorite bands.

July 16, was day one of the Upheaval Festival and Korn was the closer for the night. I have seen the band every album cycle their entire career going all the way back to a performance at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit which was their very first Michigan performance.

I have never seen a bad Korn show. No matter who was in the lineup, the shows were always intense and a lot of fun.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to speak with Jonathan, Munky, Fieldy, Ray but for some reason over the years, I was never able to get any time with Head. Well that changed at Upheaval.

I had a great conversation with Brian "Head" Welch who was out of the band for about 8 years and maybe that is why we had not connected until now.

Head is a great guy to talk to as you will see in this video below. We covered the pandemic, family, Fieldy, how they got Ra Diaz (Suicidal Tendencies) to fill in for Fieldy, their producer from the last two albums and what Korn has a head of them moving forward.

I have also included some photos below the interview from the show.

Korn Performs at Upheaval Festival in Grand Rapids


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