Its easy to sit down at Christmas time and kick on Christmas music to give your home a real Christmas ambience. What do you do for Thanksgiving though? I mean there are radio stations and apps that play Christmas music 24/7 but good luck trying to find yourself a radio station or app that blasts some good old fashion Thanksgiving music.

That's where I come in. Did a little research and though its not real easy to dig 24 hours of Thanksgiving music, I can at least get you started with some Thanksgiving themed songs that may just start a tradition for you - at least I hope.

Here you are - our Top 5 Thanksgiving songs for your feast.

5) Thanksgiving day - Ray Davies

A song that follows three distinct story lines and gives a perspective of the holiday from the inside out. Very well crafted song and hits the mark when it comes to observing the holiday.

4) Tom Turkey - Bob Dylan

There's no lyrics to this song but maybe if you close your eyes and picture which parts to use in your funny Thanksgiving Gifs or Tik Tok videos.

3) Thanksgiving Song - Adam Sandler

Sure it's a parody but like I mentioned before - very hard to find a song totally dedicated to the holiday. Sandler does just that, only in a mocking parody song style that's well...just funny.

2) I Thank You - ZZ Top

Being thankful for tolerating and putting up with each other. Now isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about?

1) Alice's Restaurant - Arlo Guthrie

A thanksgiving classic for the older generation. This songs feels like its 30 hours long but it actually clocks in at 18 minutes and 15 seconds. A lot of classic rock stations will play this song at Noon on Thanksgiving Day.

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