As a single, childless 35-year-old I have heard my fair share of it'll-happen-one-day platitudes designed to both soothe my spinster heart and hide judgement. The second I mention my relationship status, I have people rushing to comfort me, saying, "oh, don't worry. It will happen for you one day." "You just haven't found the right guy, yet." "There's always adoption." No one really believes me when I say I'm perfectly happy being the woman I am. On my own. People seem to think there's some hidden heartache I'm carrying around being single, and when they're not patting me on the head like a sad puppy, they're calling me selfish for not making my mother a grandmother by now. To say it's patronising is an understatement. There is no winning. So I gave up the fight a long time ago. I gave up judging my successes against society's expectations. I threw my hands up and thought, "whatever happens happens," and in the meantime I'm going to focus on my career, my friends, my family, my charity work, and if, while being 100% me, I happen to fall ass-over-elbows in love with someone, awesome. But they will have to catch up.

I have developed quite the Girl Crush on actress Tracee Ellis Ross because of her recent address to an audience for Glamour's Women of the Year Summit. As an unwed, childless 45-year-old, she has a message for women out there who are constantly being judged for the decisions they make with their own lives. Watch this and share it with as many women you can.

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