As the plows go to work on area roads after a big snow storm, did you ever wonder who plows the train tracks? 

The mighty locomotive is strong enough to plow through the worst Mother Nature has to offer during a Michigan Winter. A special implement called a "Russel plow" is attached to the front of the leading engine to clear the way for the train. Northern Michigan YouTuber Jason Asselin captured it on camera in E. Kingsford, MI- one mile from Wisconsin.

Watch in the player above how the flaps deploy to clear a wide path and then can be folded in near signals. (Can we get some of these on the road plows and save a few mailboxes?) A viewer noticed that the front plow didn't scrape the rails and wondered if there was more to it. Train enthusiast cmjct1 explained: "There is indeed another blade underneath.It removes snow from between the rails and is called a 'flanger'."

Commerce continues year 'round in Michigan despite the obstacles.

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