I am an avid bow hunter for whitetail deer and I'm excited because some tree stands are going up this weekend.

I will start with saying I have a little property in the Manistee National Forest in Newaygo County and it is a beautiful area. On paper, the land I purchased should be stellar for deer hunting but unfortunately it is not and I have years of work ahead of me working with my neighbors to make it a better place to hunt.

That being said, before moving back to Michigan I lived in Indiana for 18 years and while there I developed an area that has some excellent hunting but that spot has since been donated to a friend.

Here's where Indiana comes back into play - I have another hunting buddy who has some outstanding land just across the Indiana border that learned of my situation last year and invited me down to hunt during the rut. Now granted, I didn't shoot a deer, but I saw some giants and even passed up on a 10-point buck knowing there were bigger deer on the property.

Well my buddy invited me down again to hunt this year and man did I get excited with the opportunity. Yes I know its a drive, but any bow hunter who would get the opportunity would make the drive trust me.

My buddy mentioned he needs to put up some stands so I immediately offered to help. I think putting up tree stands is a way men get to be like kids again. Kinda of like building a fort except this fort brings home some meat in the freezer then on the table.

Even though I will add some new stands to where I live now, I'm trucking a brand new stand down to Indiana this weekend and I can't wait. One reason is, while I'm there, I get to see some of the summer trail cam pictures and someone has spotted a monster that I saw last year.

I picked up a new gadget that really helps putting up your stands and no I'm not get paid to tell you this but I wish I was. There's a company called Primal Tree Stands and they make a ladder stand hoist that you use with an ATV, tractor or even a truck that does all the heavy lifting when putting up a stand. It is one of the best tools I have ever used while putting up a stand and you better believe I will have it in the truck when I head to Indiana this weekend.

I know we will be putting up two tree stands but maybe even a third. Nonetheless, I get to hang out in the woods for a day hangin' stands and social distancing with mother nature in hopes pulling my bow back in the fall on a big buck.

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