Ice Volcanoes are special and, potentially loud and intense features that develop on the Great Lakes during the winter. A series of them were found recently on Lake Superior off the north shore of the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Since the Keweenaw takes an eastbound turn into the big lake, these ice volcanoes, which are described as being on the 'north shore' are likely somewhere near Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor.

Here are the videos shared to the Pure UP Facebook group:

The triple really shows in this one:

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Of course, these aren't volcanoes like the lava kind, rather an ice volcano is a cone formed in the ice as waves are crashing ashore and unfrozen water jet through.

They are relatively rare, and only show up in a few places a few times each winter when conditions to form them are just right. Comments on the videos show just how special they are:

Amazing, thx 4 sharing..never seen one before


Me either, although I’d heard about them. Fun to see-and loud!

That’s unreal!

Watch these videos. They're pretty amazing.

It's been quite a week for viral videos from Lake Superior. In a much more calm section of the lake, a group of residents from Marquette were shown on a drone video skating on a shimmeringly beautiful sheet of ice on the city's Lower Harbor.

On the western end of Lake Superior in Duluth, a group of fishermen needed to be rescued after an ice sheet broke off from the mainland and was floating out to the wild waters of the main lake outside of Minnesota Bay.

Just south of these ice volcanoes is Michigan Tech in Houghton which recently held its annual Winter Carnival. Here's a look at the winning snow sculptures.

Michigan Tech's 2021 Winter Carnival Snow Sculpture Winners

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