One of the many stops on my recent vacation was Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Now I have no problem with the city.  Had a great time there, but getting out of the city the other day was a nightmare.

My wife and I had some vandals do a number on our left front tire on our car.  It seems that while our car was parked in a parking garage, the car alarm kept going off.  Above this garage are some apartments.

We had a note left on our car saying get the alarm fixed as it has gone off all day and night and their kids can't sleep.  Due to the alarm going off, we discovered we had a dead battery and a flat tire.  After looking over the tire, I noticed the hole that looked like someone put a knife into it.  No clue if it was the person who also left the note.

We eventually had to file a police report and figure out how to get our car jump started and go find a place to get a new tire.

The hotel we stayed at recommended a place just down the road.  Once there, they told us they were booked solid for a week.  They suggested a place that also wouldn't work.  We decided to head North of town to find another store.  That store as well was booked.  They thankfully sent us to a place that would take care of the tire.

They took care of the tire but we were also having issues with brakes.  Thankfully we got every thing taken care of and got back on the road.  Thanks to Bad News Mike and the guys at Hi Tech Auto Care for saving the last day of our trip.

Photo by Mrs. Fly