Want to enjoy what's left of summer in Michigan? A new report says you should prepare to pay up.

The report says Michigan has the three most expensive summer vacation destination locations in the Midwest. Michigan is also home to six of the top eight most expensive.

Chicago Hotels ranked Midwest locations based on the minimum average price travelers will have to spend to stay in the cheapest available double room in August 2019. Only centrally-located hotels rated with at least three stars were considered.

At $238 per night, Traverse City ranked as the most expensive. South Haven was second at $218. Saint Joseph was third at $214.

The rest of the top ten:

  • 4 - Lake Geneva (WI) $189
  • 5 - Ann Arbor (MI) $184
  • 6 - Marquette (MI) $168
  • 7 - Fort Wayne (IN) $167
  • 8 - Mackinaw City (MI) $166
  • 9 - Madison (WI) $158
  • 10 - Port Clinton (OH) $146

Some Michigan cities will cost you, but that's nothing a tent and a campsite can't take care of.

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