When was the last time you took the family to a movie, probably recently huh? Well, when was the last time you took them to a museum?  Maybe been a while.

My most recent trip was to the Henry Ford Museum when I first came to Lansing and I found it so darn enjoyable and will be back soon.

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I think I like history and the History Channel so much now as an adult because I really didn't care for it in school.  That has sure changed as I grew older.

Something For Everyone

Whether you just moved here or are Michigan-born, there is much to learn about Michigan's history.  If you're just looking for different kinds of fun this winter there are some cool places to check out.

Why not check out the Michigan History Museum in Lansing or the Ella Sharp Museum in Jackson? Fox47news.com says both museums showcase the rich history of our state and the people, places, and things that make it so special.

Michigan History Museum is a blast to walk through and you may feel like you just got out of a time machine. Like being in the earliest days of time and the ice age.

Ella Sharp Museum is a short drive away in Jackson. You will love the 6 different galleries, and the kids will dig the wildlife exhibit and learn about Jackson's history, plus see all types of clocks from all over the world.

Lansing has plenty of indoor fun to check out before spring hits on March 20th this year.

Ready For A Road Trip?

If you're up for a weekend road trip there are some great museums in Chicago like the Field Museum or the Museums of Science and Industry.  Maybe even the Adler Platerium or Chicago's Shedd Aquarium.

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