The 2018 season for the Detroit Tigers is almost here and once again this season they will feature one of their more popular nights not once but twice, "Bark at the Park".

According to the story at M-Live,  the popular promotion during the season allows fans to bring their dog to a game at Comerica Park in Detroit.

This upcoming season the "Bark at the Park" nights will take place on May 14th as the Tigers will host the Cleveland Indians.   The second game will be later in the season on September 17th against the Minnesota Twins.

Now if you want to bring your dog to one of those games you can get a special package that will go on sale Thursday, March 22nd.  The ticket will be good for your dog and for you the owner.  See the Tigers website for more details on tickets.

"Bark at the Park" is just one of the more popular promotions for the Tigers this season which will also see the return of Star Wars night, Fiesta Tigres and Negro Leagues Weekend.

The Tigers will open the 2018 season in Detroit March 29th as Jordan Zimmermann is set to get the start against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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