This Victorian-style mansion got its construction underway by Nathaniel Alward but was actually completed in the late 1800s by John Failing Barber.

Barber decided to name his home The Chestnut Place”, thanks to all the chestnut trees in the area.....the public referred to it as “The Barber House”.

Barber was born in 1809; by 1927, both his parents had passed away. He raised his four younger siblings, later became a successful businessman and banker, and died in 1883. The rest of his family stayed in the mansion until 1920.

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Then a family by the name of Gath moved in, and the house was now known as “The Gath Mansion”. Gath was quoted describing the house as “Fifteen rooms, a half mile of halls, nine closets, one fireplace of black marble and two of oak. The doors are curly maple and winding staircase cherry. The wallpaper in the upstairs rooms is the original paper.” Although not verified, it's believed someone else may have lived in it afterward, including a woman who ran a cat rescue.

Renovation started in 2010 but it didn't last long. The project was dropped.

Our two Michigan guys traveled there and took all this footage so the rest of us didn't have to...we can just check out the images below, inside and outside. But if you DO travel there, you'll find it at the junction of Short Tract and Oakland Road in Portage, Livingston County, New York.

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