Not the plants!

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, 8/10, security footage captured what appears to be a couple of very bold porch pirates calmly perusing a selection of plants. On private property.

The security footage, which was shared on Kalamazoo's Reddit, shows two unidentified women not just browsing this selection of plants on this privately owned porch but also stealing a couple, too. You can see the video by clicking the link below:

The post attached to the video, from u/marissasjungle, says,

8/10 Wednesday 2:57am, two people came on my porch and decided to shop my personal plant collection, stealing two handfuls and then walking down Oak St. Does anyone recognizes these thieving a**hats?

While further comments from the original poster indicate that they did file a police report, so far it looks like these women remain "on the run".

People in the comments certainly shared the OP's frustration with comments like:

Wow. What scumbags. I hope they get what they deserve. - u/Nordish_Gulf 

The f**k?!? Like they’re browsing a store and have every right. People have no g*****n shame. - u/rasterized 

Gross! People really don't give a s**t anymore. - u/georgianlady 

Nothing on a porch stays on a porch in the vine. - u/Csolex 

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Were these high-valued items? Monetarily, perhaps not. But, from personal experience, it's such an invasive and uncomfortable feeling knowing someone has been in your space and helped themselves to your personal items.

If you recognize the women in the video, you can contact the KDPS or u/marissasjungle on Reddit.

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