If you're looking for music to set the mood this Halloween, check out two of my favorites that many probably have never heard.

Fantomas, which is a band that features "Faith No More" singer Mike Patton, "The Melvins" King Buzzo, and Dave Lombardo formally of "Slayer," Have Released Two great albums that fit the mood. "The Director's Cut" is an album of covers from various Horror, Suspense, Thrillers which features the themes of movies like "Cape Fear, "The Omen" and "Rosemary's Baby."

The other album of their's that I recommend you listen to is "Delirium Cordia."  The album is one track that last 74 minutes and 17 sec and can best be described as a score to a horror movie.  The album booklet contains photos of actual surgeries and at times during the album you can hear what sounds like some of them being performed.

Start first with "The Director's Cut" and when you are fully into the World of Mike Patton move on to "Delirium Cordia."  Happy Listening!