Here's something you don't see everyday, a Michigan buck with 3 sets of antlers.

According to MLive, a former state lawmaker, Steve Lindberg, caught a very unique deer on film with an unusual set of horns.

Lindberg, a retired law maker, likes to take nature photos and captured this whitetail buck in Marquette.

There is no mistake when looking at the photo that this buck has three different sets of antlers. I wonder how Pope and Young would score this deer?

Lindberg said, "Five days before rifle season for Whitetail Deer and look who I get to see, along with his girlfriend. A Three antlered, nine or twelve point buck (depending if you want to count the two little tines on the right antler, and the small tine on the left antler). I don't recall ever seeing a three antlered deer before."

The deer appears healthy but a vary rare find with three sets of horns.

Who knows what you will see, but keep your eyes out for those amazing whitetails in Michigan.

Good luck if you are heading out Friday for firearm deer hunting season.

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