As we've been chrinicaling for the past several years, there are not only more deer showing up in populated areas, there's also an increase in car/deer accidents.  Add to that the recent findings back in September when the Center for Disease Control issued a report that a 77 year old Michigan man contracted Tuberculosis and the carrier was an infected deer.  Once again it comes down to controlling the deer population and the lasted data will make it more difficult.

In an article on, our previous concerns have been proven that the number of hunters in Michigan is shrinking.  Michigan had as many as 1.2 million hunters in the 1970s, '80s and into the '90s. But reported Sunday that by 2018, less than 675,000 people had at least one hunting license in the state.  As we've pointed out, the hunting "tradition" in Michigan is not making it to the next 2 generations down from the baby boomers.  At this rate, it may take a corporate-like initiative to curb the deer population as the DNR, ironically, just doesn't have the resources.  Firearm Deer Season begins this Friday the 15th.


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