Saying friendly food mascots are part of the problem leading to an epidemic of childhood obesity, the British Parliament is looking at banning popular mascots like Tony the Tiger, Dig 'Em and Snap, Crackle and Pop.

The Government must change the narrative around childhood obesity to make it clear that this is everyone's business, say the Health and Social Care Committee in their report into childhood obesity.

And removing cereal and other mascots is part of their plan to curb the problem.

There needs to be a ban on brand generated characters or licensed TV and film characters from being used to promote HFSS (high fat, sugar and salt) products on broadcast and non-broadcast media, and the Government must align regulations on non-broadcast media with those for broadcast media.

So should the plan become law, say goodbye to Tony on Frosted Flakes boxes in the UK. However, mascots that support healthy foods, like the veg-loving Jolly Green Giant would be unaffected by the ban.

Mascots have long been central to promoting cereal sales and are celebrated in Grand Cereal Parade in Battle Creek, the legendary Cereal City USA and home to Kellogg's and Post.

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