The premise is simple enough, go behind the scenes of a popular restaurant. In this case, it's a Facebook channel called Behind the Business featuring Taqueria El Chaparrito, a Mexican joint on Saginaw Highway in Michigan's capital city of Lansing.

It's the first moment of the video that made me "wait, hold up." When the burrito gets prepped the cheese hits the grill first and then is topped by the tortilla. Then watch as the tortilla melts onto the already melted cheese and gets spun around the griddle to coat the entire shell. The burrito gets flipped on its back so the cheese is now facing up, oh and that pull of the queso on the spatula...heaven.

After the cheese is melted the assembly begins with bean and rice and protein.

Take a look at this full video and then we'll come back and talk some more.

Like my mind is blown. Is that how every place does cheese? Or this this some black magic going down?

Turns out the wizards at Taqueria El Chaparrito mess around a bit with the sauce as well serving it outside of the burrito. To some of those commenting on the '517 Community' Facebook page, this seems controversial:

But who wants sauce on the outside of their burrito? That doesn’t make any sense...


I thought the same thing at first but the sauce actually ended up being delicious and gave the burrito a great flavor. But this would be like anything else I’m assuming just like if you don’t want onions, you can ask for it without it? Either way, I highly recommend it, you won’t be disappointed at all!

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Now don't blame me when you make your local taqueria your next meal stop. To help you out, we've mapped the Kalamazoo Taco Trail. You're welcome.

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