The United States Football League, which was in operation from 1983 until 1985, will return next spring.

It is unclear as to how many teams will be in the spring league next year.  But it is possible that you could see teams in the same cities (with the same names) that were in operation back in the 1980s.  As the league still retains the right to team names such as the Philadelphia Stars, Chicago Blitz, Birmingham Stallions, the Houston Gamblers (featured above with future HOF QB Jim Kelly), and the Michigan Panthers (the 1983 USFL champions).

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The USFL will join the XFL (set to start next spring) and the current "The Spring League", which is playing right now, as football options during the National Football League's off-season.

The original USFL ended in 1986 when the league won its lawsuit against the NFL.  But it only received $1 in damages (tripled to 3.76) from the NFL.

The story of the original USFL has been featured in the books "The $1 League" and "Football For A Buck".  As well as the 2009 ESPN 30 for 30 documentary "Small Potatoes:  Who Killed the USFL?"


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