Guess you could say Julie and Jeff Thompson are high on life. The Clio couple were married December 15th at their favorite marijuana dispensary on Dort Highway in Thetford Township. Originally the couple had planned a court room wedding but the covid pandemic nixed that idea.

It wasn't long before the couple figured they were already weekly regulars at Freddies Marijuana Dispensary so why not there?

“Freddie’s is really one of the friendliest places, so it just seemed fitting,” Jeff Thompson, 58, said. “Why not? It’s 2020. I mean with everything crazy that’s happened this year, why not try something different too?” - MlLive

Co-owner Barry Goodman walked Julie down the makeshift aisle set up at Feddies.

“I think this is the first of wedding in a dispensary in Michigan,” Goodman said. “We’re very excited about this. We’re honored Jeff and Julie have chosen to become one here.” - MLive

Ordained "budtender" Collin James officiated the wedding proudly marrying the two and was just glad he could make it happen for the happy couple even though the circumstances were slightly different than other wedding ceremonies he's performed.

“I just think it’s the weirdest thing in the world,” he said.  - MLive

And the wedding cake? Lets just say it probably caused the munchies versus satisfying the munchies, as a strain of marijuana called "wedding cake" was available for the couple to partake in after being specifically brought in for the occasion as a wedding gift from Goodman. Goodman also provided a regular cake.

Watch the wedding -

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