While it is not safe to stand on the shoreline of Lake Michigan as a storms roll in, Michigan resident and photographer Tim Wenzel was able to safely capture one as it made landfall.

Check out this spooky and mesmerizing footage captured in South Haven during the overnight hours of Wednesday August, 7, 2019 to Thursday August, 8, 2019.

This storm was not severe but did have some impressive cloud to cloud lightening along with some strong wind gusts.

One reason the beach seems to be desirable location to watch a storm move in is the unobstructed view of the sky as well as the general lack of light pollution over the open waters. But, if you are on the beach, chances are you are the tallest thing in the immediate area, which makes you more vulnerable to being struck directly by lightning. Another safety concern are high waves, especially when it is dark. The waters in the Great Lakes are known to churn something fierce in severe weather. Should you be standing too close, it is possible to be knocked off your feet and pulled into the open waters.

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