A lot of us took the COVID-19 lockdown as a time to get things done around the house. We finally cleaned out the garage or the attic. Got around the painting the den. Planted that garden. But once all the closets had been organized and craft rooms were set up, we found ourselves idle... and freakin'. No one knows that feeling more than Western Michigan University graduate and La Luna audio engineer, Samuel Peters.  While in quarantine he wrote a song about quarantine and even filmed the accompanying music video in the Vine Neighborhood.

Freakin' follows the theme we've all come to know first hand; no where to go, nothing to do, and trying to stay safe until all this blows over. After a short stint singing alone in his bedroom, Peters is seen getting up and walking through the house where he finds his roommate, who joins in. Slowly they make their way outside to walk down the eerily vacant streets of Kalamazoo. Peters, known better by his musical moniker Ardea, already has 4,000 followers on SoundCloud.

Contrary to its title, the song is laid back and groovy with a catchy hook that quickly turns in to an ear worm. Its certainly something that can be added to the time capsule of 2020 for future generations to wonder about. Check out Samuel "Ardea" Peters' complete music video for Freakin' below, and check out the rest of this Kalamazoo artist's music on Spotify, here.

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