Someday I would love to take time to visit the many Spring Training stadiums in Florida.  So far the only two I've had the chance to visit are in Lakeland and Dunedin.

Back in 2013 my wife and I were lucky enough to get away for vacation and decided to try to catch a pair of Spring games in Florida.   We were North of the Tampa area so first we went to see the Tigers in Dunedin.

Photo by Mrs. Fly

Dunedin, Florida is were the Toronto Blue Jays play their spring games.   The stadium is literally in a residential area.   It was what you would expect for a Class A stadium.  You are right on the field and there was not a bad seat in the place.

The Tigers roster was mostly minor league and bench players for this game but it was great to see the Tigers outside of Lakeland. I can't remember the final score but I  was glad to see a game at a place I have never been to.

Photo by Mrs. Fly

We also went to see a game in Lakeland as the Tigers took on the Washington Nationals.   I have been to Lakeland before but it was back in the 80's so didn't remember too much about the stadium.

The stadium in Lakeland just went through a renovation in the past few years, so I'm sure it is way different then what I saw in 2013.

Comparing the two minor league parks I've been to for Spring Training I give the edge towards Publix Field at Joker Marchant Stadium.     Hopefully my wife and I will have another opportunity to check out some of the other stadiums around Florida.