On my recent vacation my wife and I had the chance to visit two museums in South Bend, Indiana.  The History Museum and The Studebaker Museum

I became aware of both when I was looking up some information on the All American Girls Professional Baseball League.  My wife is a fan of "A League of Their Own" and the history of the league.

The History Museum has an exhibit on the league and actually features many items from the through out the years of the league.

It is not the biggest exhibit but if you have an interest in the old league and can't make it to the Baseball Hall of Fame in New York this is the other option.

Photo by Fly

One item that was interesting to see is an old uniform from The Kalamazoo Lassies. This is the team that played in Kalamazoo from 1950 to 1954.

Battle Creek also had a team from 1951 to 1952.    The rest of the museum featured an exhibit on the Circus, architecture at Notre Dame and much more.

Photo by Fly

This museum is connected to the Studebaker Museum and you can pay a little extra to check out both.   If you are interested in cars it is another must see museum.

Three floors of the history of Studebaker vehicles.   My favorite part was the old presidential carriages that were on display.  The museum also had one of the old cars that Fozzy and Kermit had in the beginning of "The Muppet Movie".

Interesting museums that are worth the drive if you are looking for something to do in a day.  For more details you can check out The History Museum and The Studebaker Museum websites.