The small town of Waltz is in Huron Township, Wayne County. It was settled in 1857 by the Joseph Waltz Sr. family when they bought 160 acres of farmland in the area.

In 1872, the village of Waltz was platted and soon various businesses began to spring up. The Flint & Pere Marquette Railroad runs through town where many travelers and businessmen stopped for trade or rest.

This old, historic Michigan town is not without its ghosts. The Waltz Inn was established in 1900 on the corner of Waltz & Mineral Springs roads and seems to be inhabited by the ghost of  'Tom’, the original owner. Tom passed away in the inn’s upstairs area, just two weeks after his wife died.

Tom has been pranking the inn’s employees by moving objects from place to place, turning lights on and off…..and seemingly playing host to other ghostly customers upstairs.

Just a block down Waltz Road is the Waltz Feed Store…next door is an empty lot, on which once sat a house whose owners believed it to be haunted.

The following is an excerpt from a person who lived there, as found on the Monroe Talks website:

“One time, my Mom was blow drying her hair and she said something threw her across the room… sisters said they would see a form in their room at times. One morning, I walked to the pay phone on the corner a block away. As I stood there that dark morning, I saw a man across the street, but when I looked again he was gone. The only paranormal experiences my family ever had.....was right by the Waltz Inn. The house we lived in was a block away from the Waltz Inn. After we moved out of that house it burned to the ground. There is no trace of it, except the cut in the curve where the driveway used to be.”

Is there some kind of connection that tied that house with the Waltz Inn, just a block apart?

The hauntings still continue and the curious still come here to grab a bite and possibly have a paranormal experience of their own.

Take a roadtrip to Waltz sometime. Whether you wonder about the paranormal or not, Waltz is still an interesting place to visit, with many old buildings still around, including the old one-room schoolhouse that has been restored.

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