One of our long time friends, Dustan Colyer has been battling and has beaten cancer since he was a baby.  To say that he's one of the bravest, biggest-hearted people I've ever heard of, let alone met, would be an understatement.  We have been fortunate to have Dustan and the rest of the DC Strong crew on the Rocker Morning Show several times.  Unfortunately, the fight isn't over and he's always in our thoughts.


Now, one of the coolest celebrities is aware of Dustan's fight, DC Strong, and the impact he's had on so many lives.  Actor Chris Evans sent Dustan a video that I'm still tearing up over.  In a world of celebrities that only self-promote, Chris Evans sincerely shows that Dustan and DC Strong has had an impact on him as well.  Check out the video and do yourself a favor and go to  Stay strong Dustan.