If you've ever driven across the Mackinac Bridge, you know that it can be a white-knuckle experience. Crossing it at night can be even more harrowing. Watch this video taken at night by a popular Michigan Tik-Toker.

MI_Playground posts videos exclusively about Michigan. The creator spends most of his time in Northern Michigan. He's quite an outdoors man too. However, for his latest post, he left the UP only to return at night. This meant that he had to cross the Mackinac Bridge without help from daylight. This video lasts only 6 seconds long but you can feel the energy of the Mighty Mac. Here is another take:

The Mackinac Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Straits of Mackinac to connect the Upper and Lower peninsulas in Michigan. Big Mac remains the longest suspension bridge with two towers between anchorages in the Western Hemisphere. It is also one of the world's longest bridges overall. Michiganders are very proud of our state's landmark as more than 150 million cars have crossed the overpass.

Mackinac Bridge at night

Some individuals have difficulty crossing bridges, a phenomenon known as gephyrophobia. The Mackinac Bridge Authority has a Drivers Assistance Program that provides drivers for those with gephyrophobia, or anyone who is more comfortable having someone else drive them across. More than a thousand people use this service every year.

gnagel/ Getty Images
gnagel/ Getty Images

Clearly,  MI_Playground did not have a nervous twitch while driving across the bridge. Becke commented,

"I've been going to the UP for 40 years but have only actually driven across by myself once and I was terrified."

User1319524941738 added,

"I've done it in cars and on motorcycles but never at night now that I think about it."

I have crossed the Might Mac on a motorcycle, but NEVER at night. Here's my POV.

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