Now THIS looks like fun.

A Kalamazoo family is catching the attention of their neighbors after they constructed a luge course in their front yard. Now, I'm no expert on luge courses, but this is impressive!

In an interview with Fox 17, the Baker family of Kalamazoo said that instead of doing the typical snowman, they decided to go with a luge course! This isn't their first time shaping a luge course in their front yard. They've built smaller ones in the past but this year, Ryan, who I've dubbed the Dad of the Year, decided to "take it up a level". And that he did. Check it out.

While the process itself took about 20 hours, Ryan said it was actually pretty simple. In his interview with Fox 17 he said,

I kind of looked like a fool, just snow blowin' the yard. I'd do the driveway, do the yard and just basically put it in line as a basic shape.

I know I've been going a little stir crazy lately. I can't imagine what its like for a family with kids. A family with kids who have already been stuck inside the house for a year. That's why this, to me, is such a genius idea. And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

The homemade, front yard luge course is, apparently, a hit with the neighborhood kids too. In fact, it's already been dubbed the "kid castle" and all of their parents simultaneously rushed over to give Ryan a high five. Okay, that last part I made up but I can imagine that the parents are thrilled to have something right next door that can get the kids out of the house even if just for 10 minutes.

The Baker family's creation is impressive. But, they aren't the only ones getting creative with snow. Michigan Tech just held their Winter Carnival where students showed off their snow sculpting skills. Take a look below.

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