I can't imagine what is going through a person's mind in this situation, but no matter how you look at this, it's not good.

During a motions hearing June 23rd, Antonio Hughes leapt over railings in a Cincinnati court room and proceeded to punch his son's alleged killer multiple times.

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Desean Brown is accused of killing his then-girlfriend Nyteisha Lattimore, and then putting her 3-year-old son, Nylo, into the Ohio River while he was still alive. Hughes was Nylo's father.

Hughes leapt at Brown

Hughes was handcuffed and helped to his feet, but again, he lunged at Brown, and four officers were needed to hold him down. He was taken out of the court room by police.

Hughes was charged with contempt of court and has been ordered to serve seven days in the Hamilton County Justice Center. He is not charged at this time with anything else.

Again, I can't imagine the emotion Hughes was feeling, but I don't blame him one bit for his actions. This guy allegedly killed his three-year-old son. I'd be BEYOND livid too. And I've known other dad's that would literally kill for their own children, my own father included, I'm sure.

That face though.....

Twitter via @InDaCV2
Twitter via @InDaCV2

...THAT is the face of a man who will do anything to get justice for his son.

Luckily, Hughes will only spend seven days in jail for laying it on this guy, and I hope no further charges come of it, and it sounds like Brown confessed to police when he was arrested, so he'll likely face the death penalty when his sentence comes down.

Also, gotta give credit to the two officers who initially restrained Hughes in the courtroom. That's a man fueled by rage at the death of his son, and those two women officers not only got him controlled, but did so without any unnecessary violence. I'm sure they understood that emotions were running high in the courtroom already.

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