There are some positives that have come out of the dangerous, record low temperatures we've been experiencing.  Businesses have reached out to help people in need with food and shelter, good samaritans are doing good deeds all around the area and there's been a general bonding with each other because we're all in this together.  With all that, it STILL surprises me that there will be those that take advantage in a situation such as this.

According to a piece on, Michigan's new Attorney General Dana Nessel is warning those who use propane for their source of heat to be on the lookout for gouging by propane companies.  Did you know that 320,000 households in Michigan rely on propane?  The problem is prices are not regulated but the antitrust laws should keep companies from price fixing.  Unfortunately, that might not stop the gouging.  The A.G. says if you become aware of incredibly over-inflated prices, you should contact the state.  Get more information by clicking HERE.


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