Every time you turn around there's another scam of some sort you have to watch out for.  I was going to point out the last scam before this one but there are so many I can't think of it.  And, no, it's not the one with the Nigerian prince.  The one that stands out in the past few years was the one where they get you to say "yes" on the phone and then use the recording to access your information or claim you bought something.

Well here's the latest scam...  "Smishing".  According to our friends at 9 & 10 News, the Attorney General's office is already warning the public to be on alert.  This one uses text messages that appear to come from a familiar source like your bank that requests information that you certainly wouldn't normally give out.  Or invites you to click on a link that offers an unbelievable deal and the link contains a virus.  There are more things to to look out for and ways to keep it from happening.  Get the rest of the information by clicking HERE.  No really...It's not a scam.

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