Jon Cohen's "Good Evening Mr. Kalamazoo" is a groovy tune that may or may not be about us.

Glen Miller made our city famous in 1942 with "I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo" and songwriters have been including the name in their lyrics ever since. Probably because it is so much fun to say "Kalamazoo" and so many things rhyme with it.

Enter Jon Cohen and his project Jon Cohen Ex and the song "Mr. Kalamazoo" from his Songs only a Mother Could Love album. After five albums, the Montreal band Jon Cohen Experimental became Jon Cohen Ex and these are leftover b-sides that finally see release. Among them is a song called "Mr. Kalamazoo."

Good evening, Mr. Kalamazoo,

I'll try to have your daughter home by 2

If not, here's some advice from me to you

Is it about a suitor meeting the father of his date? I'm not exactly sure, but I dig the sound. Jon's music is described as exploring "opposing forces that parallel the creative process: the lyrics capture a spiritual aspect that holds place and focus, while the rock band runs at high speeds, humming like a well-oiled machine." Give it a listen below and see what you think.




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