Anyone who grew up in the Indianapolis suburb of Shelbyville, Indiana likely knows the twin legends of Werewolf Hollow and the Electric Bridge.

One is a very real phenomenon, the other a place that inspires stories and conjecture.

The Odd Phenomenon of Electric Bridge

Crossing the Little Blue River about 30 miles southeast of downtown Indianapolis is a bridge that conducts electricity. Bridgehunter shares details on the phenomenon:

Although not an historic bridge by any means, The "Electric Bridge" offers one a chance to experience a unique phenomenon. Massive power lines carrying 345,000 volts were installed near the bridge in the late 1980's. Humming and crackling from the lines is prominent and static electricity fills the air. Stand on the bridge and hold a fluorescent tube over your head and it will illuminate. Touch a screw-in bulb to the metal bridge railing and it will light up as well.

And yes, it works as this video demonstrates. A fluorescent bulb lights up when contacting the metal on the bridge as there is simply so much energy in the air from the overhead lines.

Reporters from the Indianapolis Star have visited the site and shared some tips that locals tell - we'll leave you to determine which you could heed and which you may ignore.

Do not turn off your car while parked on the Electric Bridge because you won't get it started again.

And: Do not urinate on the Electric Bridge because the electricity will travel up the stream, enter your body and scorch your insides.

And: Do not engage the troll who lives under the Electric Bridge.

Electric Bridge sits in a rural area that is known, though not on any map, called Werewolf Hollow.

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The Legends of Werewolf Hollow

A meme that floats around social media sums up some of the legend, which mimics many others from around the world. As you travel through the cornfields of the area

You can see a male ghost. Be careful not to stop your car because he will scratch your car. He is trying to warn you not to go on.

Warn you from what? A YouTuber who passed through the area notes odd animals and strange noises.

The image at the head of the article is from the intersection given for Werewolf Hollow, county roads 575E and 400N.

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