A custom cookier from Caledonia is going to be showing off her skills on the Food Network this Sunday! (And man, she's got some skills -- Look at how adorable these cookies are! Dying over the leg lamp one from "A Christmas Story".)

Ann Murad, who runs Suburban Mad Mom Custom Cookie Co., shared on Facebook that she recently shot the pilot for a new show called "Cookie Wars".

According to an Instagram post from host Jonathan Bennett, the holiday special is called "Cookie Carnival" and airs at 11p.m. on the Food Network Dec. 22:

Cookies are taken to new heights -- literally -- as three teams of expert cookie decorators and sugar artists create gravity-defying, 3-D worlds using the most-delicious building blocks imaginable: cookies and sugar. In the first round, Jonathan Bennett challenges the teams to transform cookies into a lifelike and delicious feast. The winning team gets a vital advantage for the second round, when they have just five hours to create a massive, realistic cookie carnival. World-renowned cookie artist Andi Kirkegaard and award-winning cake artist Shinmin Li judge the cookie creations and choose the winner."

We'll be rooting for you Ann!

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