The holidays are right around the corner. Stores already have Christmas decorations out, families are already nagging about solidifying holiday plans. Those plans may be looking a little different this year if you listen to Michigan's health experts.

As reported by Fox 17 News, health experts are advising that people stay away from their families this holiday season due to the surge of positive covid-19 cases. In an interview with infectious expert Dr. Andrew Jameson, MD he recommended that everyone continue to mask indoors because the distancing doesn't do much in a closed area with poor ventilation. He was also quoted saying,

I'm so feeling bad for everyone. You want to get together as family. You've delayed getting together a family so long. You've tried so hard to stay away from grandma or whatever. But now is the time we have to buckle down again and try really hard to keep that away. Because it's not actually these big group events that we're we're so worried about at the beginning anymore.

Which also serves as the perfect excuse if you're trying to avoid certain family members this holiday season. Along with 'fellowship' that comes along with family gatherings there also seems to be an air of conflict whether over religion, politics, why certain family members aren't married yet and so on. Have family members that don't believe in Covid but you still want to avoid the family get together? Here's a list of other excuses you can use thanks to

  1. I'm too broke to travel. It's 2020. Almost everyone I know has had a shift in their career. No one will second guess this excuse.
  2. Blame the boss. Even if it isn't true, saying that your boss won't let you off of work for vacation always works. Or so people tell me...
  3. Stomach problems. If they're still not buying it just go into the gruesome details. They'll be begging you to stay away at that point
  4. Your best friend just got dumped. And what kind of friend would you be if you left them alone in their time of need, right?
  5. Pet problems. You'd have to be dead inside to not be compassionate about a pet that's scared to travel or be alone. They're your babies! And you can't let them suffer for the sake of a holiday dinner. At least that's what you can tell your family.

In all seriousness, if you're traveling this holiday season to see friends or family, be safe. Positive covid cases are on the rise across the country yet again. Wear a mask, wash your hands, and social distance if possible.

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