The state of Michigan is absolutely loaded with haunted locations…and I don’t mean the annual “haunted houses” that are put on every Halloween. I’m talkin’ ‘bout the ones that are believed to actually contain some sort of paranormal activity.

The ten locations listed below are just a tip of the iceberg. This is not a Top Ten list, just a list of ten locations, centered around western Michigan, that are worth seeking out for more info and history.

Bluish-green mists & orbs, footsteps & screaming, touched by hands that aren’t there, tapped on the shoulder by unseen fingers, sounds of fighting, weeping, and the “Woman in White”, who bears gory slashes she received by her husband. One of Michigan’s most haunted, with more info HERE

Al Capone's ghostly automobile is said to crash near the hotel on different nights and disappear when witnesses rush to the scene; other visitors claim to have been followed by car lights only to have them disappear. Apparitions of white, ghostly dogs are spotted and the image of a blue motel turns a putrid yellow glow & disappears. Lots more HERE.

Restaurant customers claim to see a child sitting alone in one of the booths, looking very lonely, staring off into the room, never speaking. Other customers say they witnessed silverware randomly flying through the air, as if being thrown by unseen hands.More info HERE.  

In 1847, Jack got into a knife fight with a fellow lumberjack, was stabbed and killed. He was buried in an unknown, unmarked grave. Read his story HERE. 

You can see the faces of murdered children under the water and hear the devil laughing in the woods if you're there at midnight. Glowing red eyes have been seen in the woods and on the bridge --- along with the sounds of screams & laughing of young children late at night. Read more about this famous haunting HERE. 

Cabinets open up by themselves in the kitchen, sounds of children laughing, photographic anomalies captured throughout the building, shadow figures in the basement where the morgue was located, indiscernible conversations, knocking on the front door, ringing of the doorbell when no one was present, footsteps, sound of hospital activity long after being used as one, full bodied apparitions of children and more. Details HERE

People have trouble breathing, hand prints appear around your neck, screams, footsteps, and a cursed chair in the woods (sit in it and you die a year later). More can be found HERE

Called “the most terrifying, strange place to experience”, the hospital was demolished in the early 2000s but that hasn’t stopped whatever was haunting the empty building. White, floating shapes hover over the grounds at night and whispering and low moaning is heard. Read the tale HERE.

The spirit of the sheriff's wife still lingers, attempting to take care of the prisoners, as she used to cook their meals for them. Visitors & employees have heard footsteps upstairs, with many of them coming from the master bedroom. Click HERE for more.

An urban legend states that on every November 1 – the date of a boy’s death – a tombstone dog will rise, stand, stretch, turn back around, and return to his original position. The story is HERE. 

Click on any or all of the above, read the tales and legends, then do some of your own research this Halloween..... and for hundreds more haunted locations throughout the entire state, CLICK HERE!

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