2018 will certainly go down as the year of PFAS; Perfluorinated chemicals that have been linked to cancer, thyroid problems, elevated cholesterol and other chronic diseases.  The hardest hit in our area, of course, was the Parchment which is still fighting the battle.  One of the culprits was found to be the retardant foam used by fire departments but that's certainly just one of many.

According to an article on fox17online.com, at least 130 businesses have been considered as potential sources of PFAS.  Many of the businesses releasing chemicals are plating companies that make chrome parts for the auto industry.  One of those companies is right here in S.W. Michigan and, in fact, released record amounts of PFAS.  Bronson Plating was found to have discharged 240,000 ppt to the Bronson wastewater plant which is about 25 miles south of Battle Creek and empties into Swan Creek that connects to the St. Joseph River and Lake Michigan.  Get more details and impact stats by clicking HERE.



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