Did you hear about the guy in Wisconsin who just ate his 30,000th McDonald's Big Mac?  Ya, he's eaten one just about every day since May 17th 1972.  When you think about it, most of us eat the same things all the time.  We go to the same places to eat even though we tell ourselves we need to try different things.  The old saying is: "We don't know what we want.  We want what we know."

So this got me to thinking, what would I be able to eat every day if I had to?  Of course, there are home favorites like my family's ravioli which I really could eat every day or Q-It-Up Fire Thighs.  I'm talking food that is accessible to everyone.  So after much grinding over my choices, here are my top 5 selections:

1. Shrimp Tacos- Latitude 42

2. 8 Treasure Chicken- Ten Ten

3. Craftsman Ruben (Not the regular Ruben)- Craftsman Chop Co

4. Butter Burger- Culver's

5. #14 The Bootlegger- Jimmy Johns

What could you eat every day?  And for more on the "Big Mac Guy" click HERE.

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