While watching election coverage on multiple networks, I came to the conclusion that this would be more fun if sports announcers did play by play for the results.

So I'm on the couch watching network after network and their coverage of the election. I flipped from NBC, ABC and Fox. I don't have satellite or cable TV and unfortunately my old school antenna doesn't pick up CBS or I would have flipped there too.

One thing that I noticed on the three networks I was able to view was each had someone who had an election map and they would run through all these hypothetical scenarios but as they were doing this they seemed very excited and almost sports announcer like in their delivery.

I kept thinking about sports announcers calling the election and below are some examples of what I was thinking of:

Chris Berman calling the race in Florida - "Trump could...go...all...the...way. Miami's Dade county is back...back...back...back...gone. Biden had a shot but was rumblin, bumblin and stumblin."

Keith Jackson calling the race in Minnesota - "This election is the Grandaddy of them all. We're in the final seconds of Biden vs Trump in Minnesota...Whoa Nellie Biden takes the state home."

John Madden calling the race in Ohio - "You know the fewer rules an election has, the fewer rules a candidate has to break. Don't worry about the horse being blind, just load the wagon 'cause Trump just hogtied Ohio."

Dick Vitale calling the race in Pennsylvania - "Biden is a P.T.P and this state has become a real knee-knocker but Trump is an engine and this game is just too close to call."

I think you get the idea.

While watching the election coverage after a few hours I just got board because it was moving to slow and I fell asleep daydreaming of sports announcers making the coverage more exciting.

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