The contestants had to be glad they didn't have to pronounce it when Michigan's Fort Mackinac was part of a clue on the game show Jeopardy.

Michigan was in the national spotlight again on Monday, February 11 when a Jeopardy question was posed about the Great Lakes State. It was asked in the second round, and the category was "A State of Relaxation," in which contestants had to identify the state in which the clue appeared. The clue: "Fort Mackinac Historic Park." The answer is, of course, Michigan.

I joke about only native Michiganders knowing how to say it, but actually, Jeopardy once allowed the incorrect pronunciation of Mackinac, despite being sticklers for diction. Kalamazoo and Battle Creek have been the subject of 3 dozen questions and Alex Trebek and company have publicly shamed the Detroit Lions.

h/t MLive

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