I think one of the biggest issues that people whose first language is not English have with those who do is not understanding the way we speak. Other languages have a much more direct way of speaking, but the English language is so lazy, sloppy, and fluctuating that it can be hard to pick up on certain phrases or meanings.

Heck, even words sometimes don’t make sense to people who don’t usually speak English. We’re constantly coming up with different ways to say things and different slang terms for things that keep changing the language.
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There is a study that was recently done by Best Life to figure out what the most used slang term was in Michigan, and I have to say it’s pretty terrible. In my opinion, not only is the slang terrible but study. Apparently the slang word that is most used in Michigan is Fudgie:
If you're a fudgie in Michigan, then you're a tourist in the northern Lower Peninsula or on Mackinac Island. This name derives from the fact that so many of these tourists end up  spending most of their time in the popular fudge shops found in the area.
First off, where the heck did they even come from? I seriously have never even heard anybody use that term before. I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life and never once have I seen or heard anybody use the term fudgy to describe a tourist. Even spent a weekend in Mackinac Island a few years ago, and the only fudge I was hearing about was the stuff they were making in the windows.
I don’t know about you, but if anybody ever called me a fudgie I would throw a pasty at them.

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