One of the common topics of discussion is what will things look like after we are able to resume previous parts of our lives.  Going back to work, going out to eat, etc.  Most agree that we won't have the abundance of choices as many businesses will not have survived the shut down.  There will certainly be a loss of local establishments but what about the corporately owned chain restaurants?  The was speculation in an article on  See if you agree.

The piece singled out 24 restaurants but I'm only going to highlight the ones in the Kalamazoo area...

Tim Hortons- Many locations have already closed.

Red Robin- Back in 2019 they closed 10 under-performing locations.

Ruby Tuesday- They've closed 77 locations in the last 2 years.

Noodles & Company- There's hope after 55 closings in 2017 they're coming back.

Steak 'n Shake- 2 months ago 107 were temporarily closed with plans to re-open without waitstaff.  Only time will tell.

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