One of the great mysteries in my life are the many times I've seen one shoe along the side of a road or highway.  Just one!!!  I always wonder, where's the other one???  If I lost my shoe, I'd certainly look for it until I found it.  How does someone continue their day with only one shoe???


Ok... I may may be obsessing a bit too much on this.  Then I started thinking about some of the other weird things I've seen laying on the side of the road.  Here's my top 5...

1. Man Thong.  That's right!  A banana hammock.

2. Egg Beater.  I'm talking the big, old fashioned one with the handle.

3. Half-Used Pack Of Birth Control Pills.  I guess I might understand how they got there.

4. An Octopus.  And it wasn't near Detroit and it wasn't hockey season.

5. An Upright Piano.  Ok, stuff falls off trucks but because it was a piano it looked like somebody was going to sit down and start playing.

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