City crews removed a piece of art from downtown Kalamazoo and some think that is a good thing. Here's what people are saying about the Wheel of Time at KVCC.

We're not yet sure where this ranks on the scale of controversy. The dislodging of the Wheel of Time statue near the Kalamazoo Valley Museum and the KVCC campus downtown Kalamazoo, is probably closer to the bemused wonderment over demolition of the Milham Park dam than the outrage of the deportation of the Bronson Park statue and fountain.

The Vanished Kalamazoo Facebook group noticed that the sculpture had been torn down this week and speculated as to the reasons why. One of the first commenters said, "I heard it was a safety issue. Time kept on slip slip slipping into the future..." Continual vandalism seemed to be the consensus. Others remarked that it might be a safety issue as people couldn't keep from climbing on it or trying to jump through the hole. In a comment that has since been removed, someone wryly remarked that "someone must have gotten offended."

If you can't quite place what we're talking about, it was that concrete thing that looked like a satellite dish, placed downtown on North Mall, just outside of the Kalamazoo Valley Museum. Installed in the late 1990s, reportedly at a cost of $450,000. (If it's on the internet, it must be true, right?) While some will miss the Wheel of Time, others were not fans of the piece, saying it looked like the wheel that fell off a concrete airplane, or an oversized diaphragm. Regardless, time marches on...until the wheels fall off.

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