Ok...alright...lets take a step back and get a handle on what's going to happen in November.  Yes, it's almost a certainty that recreational marijuana will be legal in the state of Michigan but I'm not sure everybody knows exactly what this whole sha-bang is about!  Apparently, the News Harold fielded questions about what people will and won't be allowed to do and one question was: Will I be allowed to smoke pot during my lunch break?

I'm just throwing this out there but pot is still a drug that causes some sort of impairment and would fall under the same auspices, I would think, as alcohol.  On the other hand, people often have a couple drinks at lunch.  On yet another hand, it's not like you're doing cocaine or shooting heroin and I think we can all agree that cocaine and heroin shouldn't be in the same category as marijuana.  And if I had another hand I would bring up the folks who use pot for medical reasons and do so at unspecified times. So what is the right answer?  Well, some of the answers can be found by clicking HERE.

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