There's no doubt that Michigan is a great state to raise a family in. The trails, the woods, the waters - there's a reason Pure Michigan is our slogan. But where in Michigan is the best place to raise a family? Which city has the best schooling, the lowest crime, or the lowest divorce rate? Crunching those numbers could give you a headache. Thankfully, the good people at But WalletHub did all the digging for us. They compared statistics from 102 Michigan cities using 21 key metrics to determine the best city in the Mitten to raise a family. Where does Kalamazoo rank? According to their list, Kalamazoo comes in at the middle, ranked 54 out of 102. They broke down the rankings further, as follows:

11th – % of Families with Children Aged 0 to 17
62nd – Median Family Income (Adjusted for Cost of Living)
64th – Quality of School System
89th – High School Graduation Rate
83rd – Violent-Crime Rate per Capita
20th – Housing Affordability
78th – % of Families Living in Poverty
27th – Unemployment Rate
86th – Divorce Rate
22nd – Playgrounds per Capita

As for the surrounding areas:

  • 14th - Portage
  • 27th - Coldwater
  • 47th - Sturgis
  • 55th - Battle Creek
  • 67th - Grand Rapids
  • 68th - Wyoming

For a complete ranking, click here.

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