Best Buy recently announced that as of July they will no longer sell CDs. Certainly a lot of people have traded in their physical music collections for digital ones, but there are those of us out there who fancy a nostalgic dig through the old Case Logic. Others of us just don't feel complete without the album art or liner notes. Still there are other hard-core music lovers who insist that an album must be listened to from start to finish to truly be understood; downloading the Top-40 singles just won't do.

There are three great places in Kalamazoo that still sell CDs, vinyl, and everything else a music lover could hope for.

Green Light Music and Video - next to Drake Party store on Drake and KL, this locally owned establishment buys and sells new and used CDs, DVDs, Blu Rays, and vinyl. If they don't have what you're looking for, Abe and Chris might be able to track it down.

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Satellite Records - According to their website, Satellite Records has quite the selection of LPs, 45s, 78s, CDs, Cassettes, Blu Rays, DVDs, VHS and Stereo Equipment. Talk about a one-stop music shop. Located, conveniently, on Westnedge.

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FYE - Nothing takes me down memory lane like dropping in to a music store while hanging out at the mall. FYE in Crossroads is heavy on music swag and selection.

Never fear, music lovers. There are still are plenty of ways to get your hands on the latest plastic pressings in Kalamazoo.

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