It was a month ago today that Stefani Bishop said goodbye to the Rocker Morning Show, WRKR and Townsquare Media S. W. Michigan.  We were sad to see her go and I was particularly distraught because I was losing a partner of 6 years.  There was, however, a certain sustained hope that somehow we'd be able to put the band back together.  I just didn't think it would be exactly a month later.

So the question left to everyone is: Where was Stefani Bishop for the past month?  Well rumors were flying around and lies were being told.  The fact is we may never know the truth which allows us to speculate.  And isn't that always more fun than the truth?  With that in mind here are my top 5 guesses as to where Stefani was...

5. At a clinic in Switzerland getting "lengthened".

4. Following the band Phish.

3. Trapped under something heavy.

2. Eloped with here secret lover Jander.

1. Optical surgery do to excessive "eye rolling".

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