Stefani and I asked RKR listeners this morning an interesting question revolving around Thanksgiving. Which Rocker would you have over for Thanksgiving Dinner and what side dish would you have them bring.

Now the question was posed with no limitations meaning the artist be could alive or dead, could be from the past or present and is allowed a plus one. Okay, maybe the plus one would be stretching

Listeners dropped off their answers via our Facebook page and through the RKR App. As you would expect, RKR listeners came through with some of the most creative, funny and thoughtful answers one could imagine.

Here are a few-

Mary Shotts went with an interesting side dish: Joe Walsh with some THC

Diane Gonzalez put some thought into her reply: Chris Robinson and I would ask him to bring Lobster, Champagne and some of his old wardrobe.

Ray McClain also posted an interesting side dish: Kid Rock and a bowl of funny things.

Sable Verity has something on her mind: James Hetfield and he can bring the Oysters for the stuffing....and

Kristen Capelli request an interesting dessert: Brett Michaels and his Snapple Tea..but he'd be dessert.

Bill Foster wants to make his Thanksgiving interesting by adding Tequila (what could go wrong? Sammy Hagar and some Cabo Wabo tequila.

Deb Sullivan is letting Ozzy pick the dessert: Ozzy Osbourne and he can bring ice cream since I know he likes it.

and finally~

Mark Russel went the dad joke route with: Zeppelin drummer John Bonham and his side dish would be....wait for it....Drum Sticks.  Ba-da-dum. Thank you everyone Mark is here all week, don't forget to tip the bartenders and waitresses.

What about you? Which rocker would you have over for Thanksgiving and what side dish would you have them bring?

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